Slitting Line
  Detail FAGOR (Spain)
General Material types HR P&O, CR ,GA, GI
Exposed & Unexposed w/top side inspection (2 sets of rolls ,1 for EX & 1 for UN)
Thickness 0.6 ~ 4.0mm
MC Width 400 ~ 1880mm
MC I.D 508 & 610mm
Slit Coil width 40 ~ 1880mm
Slit coil I.D. 508 & 610mm
Drum Style fixed but bhot drums are collapsible
Slit Coil width Tolerance +/ -0.2mm
Number of cuts 20 cut
Master Coil Weight max 30MT
Finished Coil Weight Max 30MT
Tensile Strength 980MPa
Winding Method Pay off Overwind & Underwind on the Uncoiler
Scrap Handling Scrap Baller
Safety Fencing / intelocks Included

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